Zora from London πŸ‘‹

Hey everyone!

I am a self taught front end engineer and really love JavaScript. Worked as a graphic designer before when HTML emails caught my eye and the rest was history. I quit my job and used youtube/udemy to get myself my first job as an engineer. Learnt alot on the job and still am on my second role in a different company!

Really excited about this community - great things will be shared. Looking to widen my dev circle :nerd_face: and learn more


Hi Zora! :wave:

I’m also self-taught, also used a couple of udemy courses on the way (of course I bought more than I eventually watched… :sweat_smile:) - Colt Steele?

I’m at my first role at the moment and loving it!

How long did you stay in your first role and when/why did you decide to switch? - if you don’t mind me asking.

Welcome to Egghead! :dancer:

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Hey Eva, nice to meet you :relaxed:

Yes I watched Colt and Jonas Schmedtmann! I also bought more than i watched at the beginning until i realised I learnt more building a project myself then go to the forums like stackoverflow for help and guidance.

Yay for loving your first job! So I left my first job after 2 years, I made that bold decision because I felt I needed a new challenge to progress my career. I learnt everything I could in that company and started to feel comfortable and confident(ish) with my code! Also as I was becoming more technical I did not agree with some of the processes they used - I had to write alot of hacky code :scream:

One tip for you is to be like a sponge, absorb all info and ask loads of questions. In my second role now and I still do this!


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Yes, loved the Jonas Schmedtmann Sass course!

Good for you for realizing when it was a good time to leave - and then actually doing it! (I know of a couple of developers that just get stuck somewhere and prefer to complain and moan instead of actually leaving). Which is… why?

How was the job hub for job no. 2 compared to job no. 1?

Totally agree about absorbing and just learning and learning (and doing and breaking) :sweat_smile:

I work for a startup where I get to write a lot of code and actually be part of the decision making process - which is a great feeling (especially when you are β€œjust” a junior).

Last question :smiley: Do you still consider yourself as a junior? If not, when did you stop considering yourself a junior?


It took me about 3 years to stop answering questions about what I do with air quotes while saying that I’m a programmer. Took about 4 years till I realized that I learned a lot and that I actually know something.

Not that anyone asked :stuck_out_tongue: