Why aren't you blogging more? Twitter discussion

@chris started an interesting conversation on Twitter simple asking “Why are’t you blogging more?”

The responses were very interesting and were in line with a lot of reasons I give my self. Chris responded with some great advice as well!

Reply with the reason you’re not blogging more and let’s help each other get started.


This is definitely something I want to start doing but so far have put off because I just don’t feel like I have enough time. First there’s deciding whether to create my own or use a platform like Dev.to. If I start up my own then that will definitely take some time to get set up (fun but will take time!). Then finally writing the posts seems like it could take some decent time. My free time feels so limited now as it is that I’m overwhelmed thinking of how I’d fit blogging in.

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That’s a really interesting Twitter thread and I love that Chris came back, trying to be helpful to everyone who commented.

There was another thread recently (on here? Twitter? Slack? I can’t remember) about whether anyone still reads blogs. I love any blog that has an RSS I can subscribe to (and wept when Google killed Google Reader).

I think I need to remember that one of the most important aspects of blogging for me is to help clarify your own thinking. Writing a thought down helps to challenge my own thinking (Richard Feynman said writing was thinking) and writing down where someone else might see it makes me think about my thinking even more.

My blocker is probably feeling like I have to come up with something interesting, unique or innovative. Maybe that’s not the first goal!!

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My main blocker is I feel anything I blog about would be to basic or boring to other people. I’ve been a full time dev 3 years and am not sure I have anything unique or overly interesting to say

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It’s sometimes isn’t about having some new or interesting to say. I haven’t been a dev for even a year I’m sure there’s a lot I could learn from your experience

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