What's your favorite front end framework and why?

Hi Everyone!

There is a lot of talk about frameworks in the JS community. I want to know why you prefer the framework you choose to work with.

Personally, I like Svelte a lot! It’s very simple and concise. It just spoke to me when I was using it. I love how it has built in animations that are easy to use. All you have to do is import the animation from svelte.

Also, I like the declarative variables using $: that let’s you tie in an action like .toUpperCase() to a variable so whenever that variable changes anywhere the action you placed on it is automatically taken on the variable.

So reply and let me know your opinion and reasons why you made that choice!


I’ve really enjoyed svelte as well the amount that I’ve used it!

The idea that they can add as many features that they want to the core library without it affecting your app size is pretty cool due to Svelte being compiled.

Dealing with analysis paralysis for choosing the ‘correct’ package can be a show stopper and having Svelte make some of those decisions for you can be nice.


I’ve been using React at work etc. for the last couple of years and I’m a huge fan, it’s my go-to tool when I need to develop … anything, really.

Although I’m getting more and more into Svelte - it’s a breath of fresh air and I highly recommend everyone reading this to give it a shot!


my favorite frontend framework is called robotlegs and is deprecated because it was built for Flash/Flex applications using ActionScript 3. I loved the approach that it took and felt that it delivered a model-view-controller experience that hasn’t been captured since.

I really enjoy React as a user, but I think my favorite JavaScript framework for building UIs is probably Vue, despite never having used it.

How can it be my favorite if I haven’t used it?

I love the concept and ethos. I love that Evan You has facilitated such an amazing and vibrant community around some software. I love that it is beginner friendly but has a ton of expressive power. I love that it built on the good bits of AngularJS, extended them, and rolled in all the best bits from React etc.

A few years ago I lost interest in learning new tools and that includes learning Vue for production. I’ve been focused on other aspects of my career instead, but I think 2020 and Vue 3.0 are going to be a thing for me :heart::heart::heart: