What's the first thing you built with code?

I would love to hear what you have built with code in the early days of your career?

I built a mad libs game for my kids to play. It made no sense but they loved it!

Let’s hear about the cool things you’ve built?

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I made some graphics when I was very young, but I think the first thing I coded “for real” was an “adult” choose your own adventure game on a Commodore 64 in BASIC when I was 11 or 12. I tried to sell it to the neighborhood kids lol. I think one of my friends still has a copy.

(Please don’t post it on Twitter Mike :scream:)

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@joel Bandersnatch!?!? :laughing:

I wrote a “race” game in a CZ 1500 plus with BASIC in 1988.
Pretty proud of my collision detection system.

In 1996 I started with super basic html pages and in 1999 I got into PHP.


The first real thing I built was a simple about website for T-Rex :t_rex:

I was in university and working as a sound engineer as one of my three part time jobs. The studio I was working in had a small production house for small business websites that were built on a custom PHP CMS framework. The main developer for it quit and I mentioned I could code (only as a hobby at that point). I then built this little static HTML, CSS, and JavaScript site for the interview with my boss.

He ended up giving me the job without even looking at my code because I was “reliable” and he was willing to teach me anything I didn’t know on the job. :pray: :heart:


The first proper project I built was system-soul for my undergrad college fest.

Cybrus - my system’s soul, my digital assistant will be able to read the room and answer questions about any person in the room, usually their physical appearance like what color shirt he wore or what could her height possibly be. This seemed all futuristic but it was not. All it was a trick with some illusion. Some character masking and a host who can handle the crowd’s attention and distract them when need be.

This was inspired by a virtual tarot site called peteranswers

This was for the live coding challenge that the participants had to code within a given time. first to code a properly working version would win the round.

I would first demo the functionality setting the expectation of the functionality. then I would explain the logic, the hows, the whys, and the whats and then they had to code it.

It was really fun.


@vka wow that’s badass

What tech stack are you using?

We just finished our 1st year and the language I knew properly and could code myself in was only C. So C it was and the interface was in all CLI. And since it was all CLI it looked much more legit and cool for a digital assistant. LOL.

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