What were your goals for this year? Were you able to reach them?

I want to hear about what you’ve accomplished this year!

Did you have to adjust?
Did you replace some goals?
Do you need some advice on how to reach them?

My BIG goal this year was escaping a toxic work environment! I was able to do that after landing a great opportunity to work for egghead!

The next thing I want to get in order is my health I can afford to lose some pounds.

What about YOU? Toot your horn and let us know!


I’m so glad we get to collaborate with you Will! 2020 is gonna be awesome.

Last year right now I got clobbered with a few ideas. One is the idea of essentialism. Basically reconsidering what is really important, essential, and focusing on that.

The second, and very related, was an eye opening introduction to some killer instructional design material called Understanding by Design.

As it turns out, what’s essential to my work is really effective, well tested, amazing instructional design.

I’d been looking at everything as a developer building software, and it turns out my job has changed!

So we made some tough changes and refocused egghead the business starting with removing a ton of features/code from our systems, killing automation, and getting back to the fundamentals of what our clients (instructors and learners) need and expect from us.

It was hard. Is hard! It’s still in progress, but so far the results have been very positive.


Hi Joel, can you elaborate on Understanding by Design? Is it a book or is there a place I can read up on it?

Thanks for all the hard work!

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Hey Alexander! yes it’s a lot of books @joel tweeted about one of them here:

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Ya that is a really good intro to the system. They have a ton of books about it. Most are geared towards graduate level studies and working teachers so they use that language, but it’s still broadly applicable.