What to learn in 2020 and why?

2020 has been quite the… Interesting years would say.

When the year starts we all see people posting about: You MUST learn ZXC in 2020!
So I am curious, in ou your opinion what would be interesting to learn in 2020 for “market” purposes and how you think the current crisis would change the market needs if at all.


I’m not sure how the market is going to change with the current situation. But I believe that you can’t go wrong with betting on the JavaScript ecosystem in 2020.

I really enjoyed going through the State of JavaScript 2019. Here’s a quick summary:

For JavaScript Flavors (languages that compile to JavaScript). TypeScript has the highest satisfaction and a higher usage by salary range.

For Front-end frameworks and libraries React has the highest satisfaction ratio and a higher usage by salary range :money_with_wings:.

But interestingly, Svelte has gained lots of interest in 2020. :astonished:

For the Data Layer (loading and managing data in your app). Redux has decreased in Satisfaction, and Interest. GraphQL and Apollo have taken first and second in these categories.

Still, Redux has to have a high salary range in lager companies.

And for Back End Frameworks (JavaScript on the server) Gatsby and Next.js have increased in interest and awareness in the last year. Overtaking Express.

In Testing (tools for testing your code) Jest seems to be the dominant tool.

For Mobile & Desktop development a safe bet would be on React Native, Electron, and Native Development.

Fun fact, most people reported to use Udemy and Egghead.io for courses: :raised_hands:


My learning focus so far this year has been pretty much entirely on Javascript and JS frameworks/technologies, etc. Currently working on learning Express to build backends with JS. Also really interested in learning more about Gatsby and GraphQL and MongoDB and/or FaunaDB since they seem to both be really popular options.