What’s your ideal tech interview?

Interviews are … tricky.

Have you been through a great interview process? Or maybe a really crappy one? What it should look like in your opinion?

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So I do a lot of interviews, they just aren’t job/tech interviews. For me, it’s the podcast, and I think there are some common aspects of good interviews generally.

Rule number 1 as an interviewer: do your research.

And share the research with the interviewee beforehand so that they can be less anxious and have some time to think about the questions you’ll ask.

Everybody in the interview process benefits from lower anxiety.

As interviewee research is also important. Know what you’re about to get in to. Learn as much as you can. Ask questions beforehand so you’ll be more comfortable.

I like to see interviews as a mutual collaboration.


I agree with @joel it should be a two way thing and less of an interrogation. While I understand companies are trying to mitigate risk. When someone are comfortable they get to see the best version of that person and can make a better assessment.

So my ideal interview is would be talking about my drive and things I overcame because those are the things that translate in real working situations.

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By the way, I had the best interview this week.

At the end of each job interview I always like to switch roles and ask the candidate whether they have any question to me (after all, the best interviews go both ways).

The candidate asked me how are our bunnies doing :grin:

(my wife and I have those two ungrateful bastards at home)

That’s what I call pre-interview research!