What’s the tool/framework/technique you cannot imagine working without?

I’m going to go with prettier.

I actually cannot imagine going back to manually formatting the code. I get to focus on delivering software, not pressing TAB X times etc.

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I think codesandbox.com is up there for me. It’s an integral part of my workflow for testing ideas and playing with code in a practical frictionless way.

In a similar fashion, I also really love node (and ruby) scripts locally for automation, playing around, and building small tools for myself.

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I have a list actually.


  • VIM and Tmux it allows me to have multiple session for multiple projects, all in one window
  • nodejs

and my Ultimate Hacking Keyboard

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Parcel has been lovely for putting together vanilla demos (and then quickly commit/push to github and have a codesandbox I can share)

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I keep hearing about Parcel and have never touched it. Happen to have anything handy for getting started? Probably the docs I guess lol :wink: https://parceljs.org/

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So, I have a parcel template (that works with codesandbox) that I “clone” (using degit) whenever I want to make a demo. I fire it up locally with confidence that I can share it on codesandbox later.

It all comes together in this zsh script I put together. So all I do from my terminal is:

+vanilla my-project

  cd ~/projects
  degit johnlindquist/vanilla-template "$1"
  cd "$1"
  git init
  git add .
  git commit -m "🎈"
  git create
  git push -u origin master
  pnpm install
  code . -g src/index.js
  pnpm start