What is your go to resource for keep up with Web Development?

Where do you go to keep up with Web Development?

  • Podcasts
  • Blogs
  • YouTube Channels
  • Twitter accounts
  • Newsletters

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A big part of the reason I continue to produce React Podcast is because it’s like high-stakes education.

I’m the type that doesn’t learn by watching someone else tell me about it.
I need to do it.

So, when I want to learn something I either commit to recording an episode with an expert or to teaching the topic as I learn it.
Egghead is great for that.

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I follow A LOT of people on Twitter for this very reason - most folks I happen to follow are quite excited about sharing the things they’ve either built themselves or are excited to learn/teach.

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I really wanted to post a whole bunch of folks that I like but unfortunately I can only share one link so far but I’d put Chris Ferdinandi - Go Make Things on my favorite place to go for daily tips with JavaScript!

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For the last 10+ years it’s been Twitter for me for sure. It’s a weird place and can be overwhelming at times, but I haven’t found a better spot personally. Runner up would be Reddit, if you can curate a decent set of sub-reddits it can be pretty informative, but unlike twitter I’ve never made a single IRL connection on reddit.

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I use all platforms to be honest. But I spend more time on twitter because I can directly interact with the community.


For me, it’s my RSS feeds and my podcast intake.

I like the more curated approach - it probably means I’m a week or two behind on something bleeding edge but if something is particularly amazing my Twitter feed will alert me and I’ll go read at the source.

I find that good posts and episodes can often give a better situational awareness of a topic that can highlight useful spots to dig in on. Also, it feels less overwhelming :slight_smile:

@dolearning what podcasts do you listen to?

I love the egghead podcast (hosted by @joel) and React podcast (hosted by @chantastic).

Those two are definitely on my list!

I’m subscribed to a load of podcasts (though there are very few I listen to every episode of).

If we’re just focusing on keeping up with dev things then they’d be:

  • SyntaxFM
  • The Bike Shed
  • North Meets South
  • No Plans to Merge
  • Changelog
  • JS Party
  • Full Stack Radio
  • Complete Developer
  • Three Devs and a maybe (haven’t publised in a while)
  • The Undefined Podcast

Some goodies in there - and 2-3x means I can get through a few episodes in the gym, take a few notes and follow up if I want to :slight_smile:

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I usually stick to podcasts and YouTube videos. I do like to read articles every now and then as well. DEV is my go-to site for that!

YouTube Channels


I’m subscribed to a bunch, but I really only listen to one…

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