What Conferences Have You Attended and Loved?

I attended 3 conferences this year, first one was in February. My favorite was CodeLand Conf by CodeNewbie. It focused on people building cool things with code. It was also very diverse and laid back I had a lot of fun and learn some cool things, that I didn’t know was possible with programming!

What were some good conferences for you?

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My favorite conference is React Rally in Utah. The talks are always on point and the environment that their team creates is inclusive and inviting. I couldn’t recommend it more if you are at all interested in React!

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I agree with @ian, React Rally is really well done. I also attended Chain React this year in Portland and that one is also really well organized. The team at Infinite Red does a nice job.


I love CONNECT.TECH in Atlanta. It’s huge and has a ton of great web and mobile content. After that Reactathon in San Fransisco jams an amazing amount of quality talks into a one day single track conference.


My favorite conferences have been small. Under 50 people. Above that I don’t have as great of a time as it feels overwhelming.

Just recently I went to a long weekend conference here in Portland led by my friend Kai Davis and a couple of other organizers. It was under 20 people and we broke into various groups over the weekend to have conversations. Each activity had a handout with discussion questions and ideas. It was my best conference experience to date.

Close on its heels for me was BaconBiz put on by Alex Hillman and Amy Hoy. This one was under 50 people and in 2013 was part of the epiphany that made egghead what it is today!

Which also speaks to my passions as both of these were business rather than tech events (as much as those two topics can be separated :joy:)

I enjoy larger tech conferences too because as a remote worker it’s so awesome to get to see people, share meals, and chat in person. My best experiences as larger tech conferences where when I spoke. I’m not great at it and it terrifies me but speaking is effectively a vip ticket and opened a lot of doors for my career.


I would like to get into speaking, I feel like I would enjoy more soft skills type talks than technical. What kind did you do?

I hear so many great things about the Atlanta tech scene! Definitively need to check it out. Thanks for sharing!

I attended Gatsby Days London which I thought was awesome! I really like the unconference format.

Getting to talk to the core team was really helpful and I really got a lot out of it.

I also attended JAMstack conf London, also awesome.

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Both of those sounded like fun! It’d be great to go meet some of my internet friends from across the pond :slight_smile:

As far as conferences I’ve been to, my favorites are MicroConf and React Rally.

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