What are you looking forward to learning in 2020?

For me it’s three things:

How do I:

  • Make others more productive
  • Create accessible apps
  • Build apps and products on AWS with the least amount of work possible

For me its:

  • get better at setting Quarterly goals and executing them
  • look for ways to improve my pair programming skills
  • learn Clojure :flushed:
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I’m curious - why Clojure? :thinking:

I don’t know a Lisp or any other functional programming language. I think it will broaden how I think about programs.

And Rich Hickey is very convincing :smiley:

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I have a few things want to learn more about:

  • ‘Shape’ and execute projects on a personal and team level
    Reading Shape up to start that journey
  • Deeper dive on instructional design - UbD has the idea of Essential Questions that I’d like to tap more into than we currently are.
  • CLI tooling - @shawnthe1’s course on OClif is about to drop and is going to be a great way to start!

Clojure is a fascinating language and one I’d love to have in my goto arsenal, but then I also look at Reagent and try to imagine programming UIs like this:


(ns simpleexample.core
  (:require [reagent.core :as r]))

(defonce timer (r/atom (js/Date.)))

(defonce time-color (r/atom "#f34"))

(defonce time-updater (js/setInterval
                       #(reset! timer (js/Date.)) 1000))

(defn greeting [message]
  [:h1 message])

(defn clock []
  (let [time-str (-> @timer .toTimeString (clojure.string/split " ") first)]
     {:style {:color @time-color}}

(defn color-input []
   "Time color: "
   [:input {:type "text"
            :value @time-color
            :on-change #(reset! time-color (-> % .-target .-value))}]])

(defn simple-example []
   [greeting "Hello world, it is now"]

(defn ^:export run []
  (r/render [simple-example]
            (js/document.getElementById "app")))

On one hand, its structure is initially off-putting, but on the other, it makes sense and solves a number of issues.

I think at this point my number one concern would be the CSS-in-JS story because I am fully and completely into that approach for styling apps and this seems extremely clunky.

My interest was renewed by Conor White-Sullivan’s recent Twitter threads:

I stan for lisp though. No doubt.

Personally I’d recommend The Little Schemer as a first step into Lisp though.


I’m looking forward to learning Ruby on Rails and contributing to some real projects

Learning more about fostering community

Learning more about building and shipping my own products


I haven’t quite figured it out yet, but over the last month or two I’ve been getting deep on some technical topics. So I have a ton of videos and posts lined up along those lines:

  • Rust language basics
  • SlateJS (custom editing experiences, ASTs, etc)
  • DynamoDB (+ Streams, S3, some other AWS services)
  • Auth0 (Rules, SPA+Serverless, integration with cognito)
  • Netlify’s ecosystem (deployments, functions, dev, API, etc)
  • Go and JS serverless

I have a plan to launch a very limited alpha of a product in January and I have a community that has been growing, so I’ve been learning more about

  • taking advantage of convertkit
  • honing marketing and doing user research
  • creating leaders, tummelers, and other community related needs like event planning, etc.
  • The product might require me to learn Swift or Kotlin for the platform-specific editors

I would love to figure out something better for getting UI devs to be able to ship more projects. Specifically around taking advantage of backend databases without having to deal with confusing UIs like AWS’s, etc. I don’t know what this will turn into, if anything at all.


I really want to learn more about and get better at improving the performance of React applications. So this would include things like:

  • How to more effectively use: React.memo, useCallback, and Suspense
  • Continue to improve our bundle sizes and utilize good bundle splitting and dynamic pre-loading
  • Get better at profiling performance

I also would really like to learn more about XState as I think it could be really useful for complex web app routing.

Finally, I am planning to build a blog and am really looking forward to finally learning and using Gatsby in conjunction with either Netlify or Zeit Now or something else similar.


I think my 2020 will be the dip into understanding the full stack and more work in the cloud. I’m looking forward to picking up some practice with TypeScript as well.

Going to be building out a product with Amplify, which will be great to keep me up and running with content to produce.

I’m currently using ApolloServer as a full datasource layer (3-4 REST apis and an Appsync endpoint so far). Really excited to dig deeper there.

  • Machine learning, especially TensorFlow
  • Data visualization, especially using React three fiber (or whatever it’s called)
  • proactive office political engineering, especially using applied Objective Personality engineering techniques
  • more stuff
  • Focusing on systems over goals
  • FIRE (financial independence, retire early)
  • Learning enough Reason to be dangerous
  • Developing a solid content pipeline

I’m sure other stuff will come up (especially technical) but these are some areas that come to mind right now.


Reason seems to come up a lot. I might add this to my list as well.


In regards to tech:

  • Blockchain!!! (with JS & ReasonML) :slight_smile:
  • Continue sharpening my skills & thought process towards tackling complex application design.

In regards to my personal life:

  • Continuing to build out content & market myself in this programming world.
  • Figure out wtf I wanna do with my life!
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