What are you learning/studying this week? And why?

Good day! How are you doing?
As I sit here watching AngularJS Fundamentals I got curious about what everyone else is leaning and the why.

I had never even considerate learning AngularJS and knew very little about it, but I got a job opportunity in a place that uses it A LOT and learning it was necessary. So here I am, leaning AngularJS (that is different from Angular, who names this things anyway?).

Anyways, I would love to know what you are learning and why did you get started in the topic!

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I’ve been learning Next.js lately with @tgreco1610’s Build a Server-rendered ReactJS Application with Next.js. It’s a great overview!

It assumes a little bit of familiarity with React.

What stands out to you about AngularJS? I haven’t looked at it in quite some time!

The whole name change thing was totally confusing. AngularJS (1.x) is so different from 2.x and above that they rebranded… but only enough to confuse all of use :crazy_face:

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I know absolutely nothing about Next.js (maybe I do know it is uses JS :joy:) how are you liking it?

So far I don’t love how Angular JS makes my HTML look :joy: a bit too messy for my likes, but we got do what we got do :sweat_smile:

I’m currently learning Ruby on Rails. I want to start contributing to egghead as as developer. I’ve learned HTML,CSS, and JS pervious to egghead. So working with the full stack is a lot but I’m enjoying the new way of thinking about applications.

Also I’m going through Draw A Box from @maggie suggestions to improve my drawing so i can make my own sketchnotes


That’s great! I hope Angular goes well for you. Working with the full stack can definitely be mentally crushing (at least, it was for me), but what helped me was imagining that instead of only working with a layer of the dev cake (frontend/backend/devops), I’m working with a slice of the dev cake – frontent+backend+devops.

My main language goals this year are learning Elixir+Phoenix and getting into Rust, but I’m also learning TypeScript on the side for work. Each week, I host a sort of lunch and learn where a knowledgeable coworker of mine leads a group of us in creating a Phoenix app. This week, we’ll dig more into using Ecto for migrations, adding database constraints, and working with nested resources (e.g., a user has many posts and a post has many comments.).

Why Elixir? It’s like an infinitely-armed octopus that can handle a bajillion requests/processes, there are no need for job queues, its data structures are immutable, its ecosystem favors convention over configuration, and it’s a breath of fresh air after being in the wild west of JavaScript for a long while now.

Why Rust? It has taken ideas from a bunch of other languages (even Haskell!) and combined them with as-fast-as-C speeds (there’s no garbage collection because you manage memory yourself), and its compiler prevents you from making terrible mistakes with memory! The new Firefox is built with it, it has support for compiling to WASM, and seems like it’ll take over a good bit of marketshare in the future. Also, people who use it are called Rustaceans, and that’s kinda cool.