Web developers! Share your debugging tips

If you build it…there will be bugs

Debugging is apart our jobs as developers. Tell us your process

  • Do you isolate the code?
  • Go straight to Google?
  • Use tools?

Whatever is reply and share the knowledge with the community!

It depends on how hidden the bug is.
I start with a few console logs then I start adding breakpoints in my code.
For the front end, if you type debugger in your code and open the chrome dev tool the browser will pause on your breaking point if it is reached. For Nodejs I use ndb which you can prepend it to any script you are running, for example ndb npm run test.

I try to time box the process to an hour maybe 2. If I see myself not going anywhere I go for a small break than reach out to someone next to me and explain the problem to them again. If I am by myself I use google.