Watch history a bit wonky

I’ve noticed that on occasion the lessons completed tracker on a course does not properly update, so that it show a lesson as unwatched even if I have watched it. Typically, this can be resolved by simply re-watching the video. However, the problem has been persistent for me on one course - specifically, the new Kent C. Dodds Beginner’s Guide to React course. Although I watched the course in it’s entirely, for the past few days both the egghead homepage and the course page showed that I’d only watched 29 of the 30 videos. I got accustomed to it, but when I logged in today, the lessons completed for the course now shows only 14 out of 30 watched. I don’t know what it is about this particular course that is so problematic. I know what I watched, so this isn’t really a critical problem, but I am concerned that the watch history isn’t saving properly and it does get annoying when trying to quickly scan for material to watch. Thanks in advance for your help.


Hey Marek,

We found an audio issue with the last half of the course and re-uploaded the lessons. This resets your watch history on the lessons that got re-uploaded. You can go through the lessons and click this check box to manually complete that lesson:

I hope that helps. Let us know if you have any other questions.

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Hey Ian,

Thanks for the response. I tried that but it’s not working for me. Looking in the network tab the manual_complete api call returns a 200, the checkmark next to the title and in the playlist goes green, but the counter at the top of the page stays at 14 and the check marks don’t persist if I leave the course or refresh the page. I’ve tried this in several browsers (Brave, Chrome, Firefox, Edge - including some with no extensions installed) on two different computers. In all cases this is what I see:


As I mentioned in my initial post, this only happens on this course so it’s not a huge deal, but it is a bit odd. Thanks,