VC Code Tips & Tricks

  • Move your file explorer to the right
  • Peacock, rainbow brackets, colored indentation!
  • Alt+shift+arrow up: duplicate line above
  • Alt-shift+arrow down: duplicate line below
  • Alt+arrow up/down: move line up/down
  • Ctrl+shift+K: delete line
  • Ctrl+}: comment/uncomment line
  • Shift+alt+A: comment/uncomment selected block
  • Select word then Ctrl+shift+F: global search in project
  • Install Prettier & Git Lens Use an icon set to identify file types more easily
  • Use individual workspaces per project to save your current state when switching context
  • Hide node_modules folder from sidebar
  • Bookmarks
  • Code Commenting shortcut: Select the line(s) of codes and press CTRL + K + C
  • Ctrl-P to move between files, and Ctrl-Shift-O to move between symbols

We asked this on twitter and posted some of the responses. Thank you to everyone who shared.

:point_down: Please feel free to add more tips in the comments below! :point_down:

As someone who migrated from SublimeText, the key mappings were super valuable for me!

I’m also a huge fan of indent-rainbow, makes it a lot easier to visually identify nesting

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If you’re using Angular, the Angular Essentials pack that John Papa puts out is, well, essential. :laughing:

The Angular Language Service included enables TypeScript Intellisense in your templates! :exploding_head:

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Does anyone know how to open the VSCode terminal using the command line? I can open a window in the Terminal macOs app, or in iTerm2 using the command line but it would be great to open up a new terminal window right in VSCode from my scripts.