Using Line Highlighting with Prism.js in Gatsby

Howdy folks!

This is my first post on the egghead community site :smile:. I wanted to share a blog post I wrote up about how to use line highlighting to make blog posts communicate information clearer! When I go through blog posts sometimes it is hard to tell how something changed so I try to utilize this moreso to help increase visual scanning. I hope this helps you!


This post was really helpful! It was very clear and into the point makes me want to start using it right away. Thanks for sharing @maxcell.wilson

Wow, I’ve been using prism.js and I didn’t know how to do this. Thanks for posting this!

I think my next thing will be writing up how to handle communicating different programming language types too because I have been really wanting to distinguish between all of my posts but sometimes I might also want to draw them in parallel.

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