Use Githubbox to easily create a new CodeSandbox from Github

Dominik Ferber (@dferber90) created a nifty tool that allows you to easily take a Github project link and spin up a new CodeSandbox.

Take any Github repo:

Change to

And you’re done! :tada:

Dominik’s original tweet:


This is great. Thanks for sharing!

I was appending{github-user}/{repo-name} for example:

Have you seen An egghead Guide to Productivity?

My favorite trick was creating lesson templates, creating before-after branch, and putting all of that into CodeSandbox.

I also took some notes on this playlist. In case someone finds them helpful, I’ll post them here. :raised_hands:


Yeah! I poked through a few of them, some good stuff. I haven’t yet tried to create a template, need to figure that out still.

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