Twitter Thread Crash Courses

Chris (@chrisachard) and I (@hexrcs) created a few crash courses in the format of Twitter threads. People seem to love them!

The idea was to reduce complex stuff down to no more than ten 280-character tweets, then couple them with carefully crafted images to illustrate the points. (Chris invented this genius format!)

Here are some of those crash courses!

:point_right: DNS Record crash course by Chris

:point_right: Redux (with Hooks) crash course by Chris

:point_right: GraphQL crash course by me

:point_right: MobX + React crash course by me

Hope you enjoy them! (More are coming! :smiley:)

- Leo


Thanks for sharing Leo I need to make one of these about CSS or something they’re really valuable!

What did you use to add annotations to the images?

I really like your svelte one as well!


Your GQL thread was a nice summary. Thanks!


A thread on CSS is a great idea, looking forward to it! :smiley:

I mostly used carbon to generate the syntax-highlighted code snippets, pasted in Figma then added annotations by hand. I think I should probably come up with a design system and a component library :rofl: There are definitely better ways to make them! :sweat_smile:

All my images by far are in 2:1 format because this way readers won’t need to click on them to see the whole pic in the Twitter web app. This limits the freedom a lot and probably isn’t a good idea if you want to show some more lines of code.

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