Topic Of The Week: 01/06/20 Where Do You See Web Development Heading This Year?

Where do you see web development heading this year?

We’ve had lots of things gain traction like serverless, web components, static site generators. What do you see becoming talked about/used this upcoming year?


I think higher level abstractions related to page building that keep blurring the lines between code/no-code will be talked about a lot.

I think JAMstack has a bright future and will continue to gain a lot of traction as well.


I agree with what Kyle said.

  • no-code apps
  • more visual/gui that help you write code more easily
  • state machines
  • TypeScript will continue to rise
  • maybe more Rust/Reason?

Tools, tools, tools. Real-time everything.


I’m bad at predictions, but here’s where I’d like Web Dev to head:

  • More developers using code AST manipulation tools like Schematics or codemod
  • More visualizations of code (i.e. Nx dependency graph, XState visualizer)
  • State machines

Im bad a predictions as well :smiley:

I think that we will see more of what has been popular this year:

  • React
  • GraphQL
  • Typescript

I hope we see more tools around building better UX. Things like React is doing with adding the Suspense api and finer control on transitions. I’m excited to see what library authors build out of those features.

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I’m hoping to see more usage of 3D graphics on the web. It’s getting convenient with libraries like react-three-fiber and possibilities are endless. :slight_smile: