Tom Greco here 🤠 Howdy from NYC

Hey Everyone :wave:

My name is Thomas Greco but feel free to call me Tom :slight_smile:

I first learned about egghead in 2014 when I was setting out to learn about web development! It was really an instrumental part of my journey towards understanding the web. A few years later, in November of 2017, I began creating my own content for them - that sure was it a cool feeling!

I’m originally from Scranton, PA. (yep, like the office). I currently work at Bank of America here in NYC, but who knows what the future has in store! Fun fact:

Among the things I’m passionate about is functional programming, exercising, as well as the NY Yankees and the Dallas Cowboys.

For those in NYC, or planning on visiting, feel free to reach out as I’d love to meet in person! Have a good day in the meantime.


Hey, Tom!

There are a lot of connections between Boise State and the Dallas Cowboys, so a lot of people here became fans now (possibly reluctantly, as in my unscientific observations we used to be more of a Packers town).

I had a class with Kellen Moore, who is the offensive coordinator doing some cool things. I didn’t care about football at the time, but it was really funny to see how he would sit somewhere and everyone would just circle around him. Wasn’t too hard to get my spot at the back of class though!


Oh man. I’m a Redskins apologist :grimacing:. Won’t say much about the cowboys :zipper_mouth_face: but y’all gotta good team this year :100:. It pains me to say Dak is on my fantasy team :man_facepalming:

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haha kellen moore is the man! that’s awesome

nice to getting to meet you through this medium taylor ! :slight_smile:

haha darn… well, we can agree to disagree!

i could play a redskin but not an eagle… i fully understand tho. he’s on my team as well :stuck_out_tongue: he’s a beas

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