TJ from New Jersey

Hey everyone,

My name is TJ, and I’m the Principal SDE, JavaScript with a fintech named, DriveWealth. I’ve worked up and down the stack, mostly back end for an e-commerce company, for over 15 years. I love JS and right now I’m spending a lot of time on the FE side with React.

I’ve built Node.js backends and JS frontends for companies like SPIN, Jirafe, iCIMS, Rubicon, and DriveWealth. I love Egghead because I always manage to find a new pattern or approach to implement in my current projects.

I’m also a developer living with severe anxiety and depression. I’m always open to talking with other developers going through similar struggles!


Hey TJ!

Welcome to the community! That’s an impressive track record.
It sounds like we have skills that can help each other in the technical and non-technical aspects.
Egghead is great for learning new things and new approaches as you mentioned.