State of JS 2019 is out!

Read the 2019 State of JS results -

Unsurprisingly, React remains top of the list of front-end frameworks. GraphQL is also incredibly popular. I’m a little disappointed that MobX hasn’t garnered more than a cult following because I think it’s an incredible state management solution. Clearly built-in React solutions have been favoured for state management (Redux is in decline but still enjoys a wide following), but I think there’s still much room to innovate here. Glad to hear your thoughts!


The thing that surprised me the most was how negatively Angular was reflected on the opinions graph.

I haven’t used Angular in over 3 years and have been in React all that time since but at least at that time I still really liked it. Then again that was Angular 1. Maybe things really went down after Angular 2?

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interesting too that TypeScript (which arguably got a huge initial boost from Angular 2) is moving in the exact opposite direction!

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I worked with Angular on several projects, and I really found it was an improvement compared to AngularJS. My guess is that those bad opinions come these points:

  • Angular is hard to begin with (RxJs, Typescript, components, etc…)
  • It is often used in big companies where backend developers try to do frontend but don’t have always the required knowledge. But Java developers for example feel safe because there are keywords similar to what exists in the backend world (components, services)
  • It is very opiniated, more than React IMHO. Some people like it, some don’t.

I think that opinionated nature is why you often find it in the “enterprise” where consensus is harder to achieve. The loose nature of React is great, but there are SO MANY decision to make!

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