Shawn Wang #eggheadChat recap

We had instructor @shawnthe1 as a guest on our Twitter #eggheadChat. Here is the recap all of the questions and answers!

Q1: If someone already know React but wanted to learn another framework to have more opportunities. What would you suggest?

Q2: What drives you?

Q3: What makes you want to be an empowerer? To run communities and be apart of so many.

Q4: What are the resources you would suggest for someone starting to learn React? Would you advocate a complete Js first approach?

Q5: what makes a good developer?

Q6: What are some things youโ€™ve learned from being a part of and managing so many communities?

Q7: What do you do when you arenโ€™t coding?

Q8: Whatโ€™s a good way to get started in OSS?

Q9: You blog an incredible amount! Did you make a conscious decision to meet a metric? Is it all topic-driven? What is behind that amazing productivity!

Q10: Whatโ€™s your favorite song right now? #eggheadChat

Q11: Whatโ€™s your biggest challenge in work/life balance?

Q12: Are you using state machines at Netlify yet Shawn

Q13: What complimentary skills would you say a great dev can develop?

Q14: Have you ever thought about founding your own company?