Serverless functions on Zeit Now to the rescue

We had an unfortunate encounter with a non-ssl endpoint that was baked into the videos of an example. It works fine when you run it locally, but codesandbox and both require ssl so it was broken :scream:

Using serverless functions on Zeit Now saved the day!

Have you started digging into lambdas/serverless functions? This year they have really become an important part of my toolset. Love 'em.

3.5 years ago I went to the first Sydney Serverless Meetup and 2 hours later I basically walked away from Rails. It was a gamble but I had a strong feeling this was going to take off and I wanted to be one of the few people with 4-5 years solid experience when in suddenly became in demand.

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That’s working out I assume? Seems like a solid bet!

It was a 5 year plan. There’s definitely been a rise in demand recently and I expect it to jump dramatically over the next 18 months.