Screencasting settings for "egghead style" recording?

Hi Folks, sorry if this is not quite the correct topic for this channel. I would like to put out some Egghead style screencasts, probably initially on Youtube. I have read over their docs for screencasting settings, and listened to the podcast where Wes and Scott talk about their setups.

I have a 21:9 ultrawide monitor running at 3440 x 1440, the egghead docs say they like to deliver in 720p at 16:9 I got ScreenFlow, so do i just need to record in a box that is 1280 x 720 on my screen? Thanks!

Hey @anton! You can find our screencasting technical guide here:

Also, @john has recorded a whole egghead course on the topic. It gets pretty meta :stuck_out_tongue:

If you want to post some of your screencasts you are working on for feedback, we would love to help you!


Thanks @ian! I have checked those out, i don’t think any of specifically address my issue of having a bigger monitor and only wanting to record a section of it in the desired size and aspect ratio. On the podcast they talk about creating a placeholder image that is the correct size, placing their code editor, etc inside it, and recording that section of the screen with ScreenFlow. Thinking about it that seems to be a solution so i will probably give that a go.

I will definitely post some screencasts for feedback when they are up.

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I wouldn’t recommend recording a portion of your screen in that way!!

Couple reasons:

  1. I always want to record the maximum number of pixels
  2. It’s a major PITA and you’re forced to tweak windows around the screen.

Using RDM or SwitchRezX allows you to access 720p (1280x720) using HiDPI mode (double pixel density) and record full-screen.

The actual pixel resolution of the recording at 1280x720p using HiDPI is 2x or 2560x1440!

When we export from Screenflow it’s always at 100% with no scaling as well. Then, when it gets upload, the processing takes place in the final system (in our case egghead, but youtube etc would be similar)

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Thanks @joel Ill definitely go that route then. Now to actually make some videos and put them out there

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Me inside my head:

What’s a PITA? Like a bread?

Ooh I get it now

Ive got this all working and its great, thanks again @joel for the prompting to use RDM, it does make things much easier. I just set my screen to the desired size and then record the whole screen. Screenflow seems to be pretty straight forward, now to put together some actual coding tutorials.

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Feel free to post them here! Looking forward to checking them out.

For sure! I plan to do a few this weekend, will definitely post them for feedback.