Salut ! I'm Gaël

Hi, I’m Gaël.

I’m originally from Quebec but now live in Paris France and work for the French National Railway.

I’m not supposed to do software develpment myself in my real daytime job, but I have to work with a lot of transit data, so I develop tools in Node.js and React in my spare time to make it easier.

I’m seriously thinking about making a real product out of all my little tools at some point and making it available to other transit companies, and I’d be glad to have some help in doing that, so if you’re interested, let me know !


Hey Gaël!

I’m Amy, I’m from Vancouver, but often am in Spain. I’ve been working with early-stage startups for 6+ years now, currently working on broadcasting tools, also in Node.js and React.

I am definitely interested to know more about your transit tools. What is your Github?

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Hey Gaël, welcome to the community!

Will you be using Node.js & React to build those products or other technologies?

Have you checkout out