Ryan Warner says hello!

Hey Eggheads! I’m Ryan and I code and design web apps. I’ve been lurking a bit, but I want to be more active on the forums now that I’ve been a member for a few months.

I code mostly in JavaScript, React, and Gatsby, but also work with Node, Express, and Firebase. I am also passionate about design (Figma & CSS = love) and am especially excited about the intersection of design & code both at the personal level but also on teams.

You can find out more about me on my website, https://rw.codes

Happy to be here, thanks for reading!


Hi, :wave:t5: welcome @warner.ryan! if you haven’t seen Ryan’s Social Branding Templates, they are awesome!



Hey @warner.ryan, awesome to see more people from the Party Corgi Network here! :raised_hands:

I’ve been trying to level up on my design skills. Any resources that you would recommend?

Thanks for the warm welcome Will!

Like any other skill, it takes consistent practice. Spend 30 minutes a day in Figma (or your design tool of choice). Make a button or a navbar. Find a design on Dribbble or a screenshot of your favorite app, and try and recreate it.

Egghead has a course, The Beginner’s Guide to Figma.

The design tips by Refactoring UI are also really great.

I’m super excited to help other developers learn to design. I have some screencasts in the works, but not ready to share yet. Until then (and after then too) I’d happily answer any questions you have along the way. DMs always open on Twitter and Discord (RyanWarnerCodes#3015).

I also stream Figma design on Twitch and make it a point to address every message or question in the chat.

I hope this helps!

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Thanks Ryan! I’m going to check out Refactoring UI and your twitch channel.

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Welcome to the community @warner.ryan! What’s been your favorite app that you’ve designed?

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Thanks @lucas! I’m probably most excited about my personal site design right now. I’m working on a revamp to be released in the coming weeks! I’ve got a bunch of misc design & illustration stuff on my Dribbble.

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