Roam Research to Explore Ideas is a tool that I have been using for the past couple weeks as a sort of daily log/research tool. It as completely changed what I expect out of a note taking tool. The best part is its easy of use. Theres zero friction to start recording your thoughts on a topic.

I keep track of everything I do in the “Daily Log”.

There are handy short cuts for mark down syntax and everything.

Roam is a networked not taking app :exploding_head:

When ever you get to some topic you want to reference, you can add [[]] around the string to create a page. Now that you’ve created a page, you can reference that page from anywhere.

For example, I use rails for work, so Ive created a [[Rails]] tag.

This is the page that Roam created for me:

This page gives you a place to put any content you want around this tag. You’ll notice that you can reference other tags on this page. If you shift-click the tag, it opens that page in the sidebar:

This is the networked aspect of Roam. It allows you to easily navigate through your notes. I can see this being an amazing tool for researching a topic to write about or just generally keep your notes in.

I also wrote this post on my blog.

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I’m super into it!

Here’s a public page in my Roam where the creator of Roam and Tiago Forte chat about Roam. Apparently it was edited to remove the controversial bits. heh

I’m really loving Roam. I’ve been using evernote for years it was always my goto note taking. Roam is amazing and so simple. Exactly what I was looking for!

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I’ve been using Roam extensive for a couple of months and up to 10 hours a day over the last few weeks.

It’s brain candy for me. It’s a never ending digital garden that I can tend.

I’ve got a major crush on graph data in general and at the core Roam is a graph editor.

This is a great overview:

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That blog post was what sold me then I watched this video and started using it every day

I also started to use Roam Research, and I think it’s great. I would also like to share this Shu Omis playlist it helped me when I started. Gave me some ideas on how to use it.

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I watched his videos as they were super helpful, learned some useful shortcuts. Thanks for sharing

You are welcome. I want to share one more resource here that I discovered today. It’s Roam Brain . A lot of useful articles and videos/tutorials. Also, I just read on twitter that from today, they will close sign up option for new users.

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