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Howdy, folks!

I’m Ahmad Awais. I love the web and do a lot of stuff like:

:avocado: Developer Advocate who’s all about Open Source
:man_teacher: Edutainer at VSCode.pro & Instructor at EggHead
:fox_face: Google Developers Expert for Web Technologies
:deciduous_tree: Node.js Foundation Community Committee Member
ⓦ Regular WordPress Core Developer (12+ years)
:mega: TEDx Speaker ❯ Local Community Lead Tech Meetups
:v: Over 1,755,072 Devs Use My Open Source Software
:raised_hands: Serverless Cloud Community Evangelist
:dart: JavaScript (React/Node.js) Fanboy
:purple_heart: Love my wife (Maedah)
:joy: Hilarious Comedian

The best way to get to know me is through:

The best to get in touch with me is definitely Twitter @MrAhmadAwais or via the contact form on my site. I’ve been blogging off and on for about 16 years now, that’s how I got into Engineering, then in Design, then Marketing, then Code/Development, and finally a mix of all these with the field called Developer Relations as a Developer Advocate.

Nice to e-meet you.
Peace! :v:

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