Refund policy

Hey! First of all, thanks for the awesome content. I really appreciate what all of you are doing.

Unfortunately this service became a bit expensive for Russian folks and today I cancelled my subscription. Nevertheless it was renewed and I got billed. Is there any chance to get a refund?

Me too.

Canceled subscription but be charged again.

I’m not found suport emails to resolve this issue.

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Me too! :confused:

I had a 1-year discount plan, but just found out I was billed for another whole year. Didn’t know I was in a subscription mode…

Does anyone know how to contact support or anything about this?


Hi, I was charged 150 again after cancelling the subscription sometime last year. can i have my money back. I did not find the content very useful and regretted getting the subscription for the first time

Me too

I want to refund my subscription too. Since on 25 Dec 2020 the egghead did auto renew, but I didn’t realize it until my bank told me :sob: