React Concurrent Mode

React conf is going on right now and they released docs for concurrent mode. Has anyone looked into this?

I am super excited about concurrent model with Suspense and SuspenseList.

What features are y’all most excited about?


This podcast from Michael Chan going over Concurrent Mode and all the new React apis is really good.

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We have rolled our own handling for basically everything that Suspense, React.lazy, and concurrent mode will do. There’s a lot of code, it’s complex, and I can’t wait to delete it all and use what comes built-in to React! I’ve already deleted some of it by adding in Suspense with an ErrorBoundary and React.lazy with routing. It was an exciting day! Can’t wait to delete some more!

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Wow, have your written on this at all? or better yet, created any egghead lessons? I’d love to learn more about that process.

Hmm I have not written or created any lessons on it. That’s a good idea though! I will see what I can put together!