Planning Software Features on my iPad Pro using Procreate

I see a lot of discussion on what people use iPads for, and it’s often “as a paper weight” :joy:

One of the ways I love to use my iPad is as a sketchbook for planning. I almost always start a new feature by contemplating the data and works flows on paper, but lately I’ve had a lot of success using Procreate and the Pencil on my iPad Pro.

Procreate allows me to use layers, which I can then collapse and export the layer set as a PDF.

A lot of times I will print the pdf so I can think about it “off screen” (I spread them out when I exercise for instance so that I can contemplate them but not really edit or expand)

A lot of times it is free hand mind-mapping style, but I love the flexibility of digital with layers. The “pen feel” is probably what I miss most about using paper for this, but the benefits are too big to ignore.

Here’s some notes from today where I am working through some of the multi-tenant e-commerce aspects of


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My iPad used to be something I took to meetings instead of a computer. I feel like the level of interpersonal connection is greater when you aren’t “hiding” behind a mini-wall (laptop screen) because you can focus on the person while also writing.

These days I have a keyboard for it and it’s become a useful coffeeshop or travel device to do email, blog posts, etc. I have the pencil too which is great (also use procreate). No ssh’ing back to home yet but I’m looking to set that up too