Passing AWS Solutions Architect Associate in 2019

A while ago I passed the AWS Solutions Architect Associate exam and I wrote a post about my experiences - it has over 6k views already (somehow) and if you’re interested in AWS you might like it!


Will you do more of these? Is it a good motivation for learning in general?

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I’m thinking about getting the next one already! Either an Architect - Professional level (which is incredibly hard from what I’ve heard) or a Developer Associate certificate.

Of course it’s not about a piece of paper (or in this case, a PDF file you receive over email), it’s about valuable knowledge I’ve gained along the way. My company is betting heavily on AWS and I wanted to be able to meaningfully contribute to architecture discussions. Going through the steps I’ve listed in the article made me a better engineer and the certificate is only a proof of that.

I’m also proficient in 3 letter abbreviations (SQS, SNS, SES, ECS, EKS etc)

I’ve considered taking them myself. I don’t have any use for the certs themselves, but I think that the process and context is useful. We use AWS for a lot of stuff at egghead, and generally speaking I dig it.

Mastering initialisms is one of my top life goals :joy:

I bet summarizing what you learn into egghead workshops would be interesting for others!


I already have some ideas and I’ll definitely work on that in near future! Learning by teaching is my favorite approach these days


Oh wow, @tlakomy90 this comes super timely.
Thanks a lot, sir.

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No problem! I’m glad it was useful - good luck with your exam and let me know how it goes!