Open Source Contributors! Share your first contribution

Open source is intimidating for a lot of people

If you have contributed to open source. Share below

So others can learn and get an idea of the types on type of contributions you can make

Your share could help can help someone else get started and you can help build the open source community


Mine was a typo in a readme for a udemy course repo I was taking


My first was also docs related a little over 10 years ago to the Robotlegs project.

I think committing to docs is one of the most straight forward and least intimidating ways to start contributing to open source. It’s also incredibly useful and valuable!


My first was adding egghead video embeds to the Mobx docs


My first PR was to the react-redux-form library to make it compatible with immutable.js: My biggest contributions to open source have stemmed from a need that my team has had at my 9-to-5 from various libraries we use, maybe we found a bug or a limitation. At some point I just decided that instead of dropping an Issue in a repo and hoping someone else would address whatever it was I started posting PRs to make that change myself instead. I think I would have been overwhelmed at where to start otherwise but having a very specific need made it much easier to find things I could contribute to. Working on open source code has been a huge booster to my learning as well. It’s really helpful to see how others are coding solutions and patterns outside of my own work ecosystem.


My first PR was to Habitica and it was actually a group PR. I was very new to coding. My group (from Chingu Cohorts) and I decided to work on it together. After our PR was merged, I wrote a blog post on freeCodeCamp sharing my experience and explaining how others can get into open source.