No more due dates on our projects at egghead

I’m a great PM. We have projects. It feels natural that they need to be managed.

What I really want is collaboration, communication, and outcomes that match expectations.

We made a small change recently that I feel very good about. Instead of assigning due dates to projects, we are adding a next check-in date.

This way we can use that as a trigger to start communicate, summarize shared knowledge, collaborate on next steps, or mark the project as done (enough for now)

Wrote more about it here:

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Seems a cool Idea. We are a small team too and we also face difficulty maintaining due dates. How well is this working for Egghead? Can this be adopted across multiple production apps? I mean If there are no due dates, how will any bug-fixes, new features and their release dates be communicated across all stakeholders? How will sales team know about the new features to come and how will support team know about the bug fixes? How will they be able to communicate the release dates with customers?

The fundamental premise is that release dates are arbitrary and mostly BS anyways. I know they tend to be more “important” to sales types, but this isn’t to say that stuff can’t be done by a certain time.

If something is urgent, it will have more frequent check-ins. So a bug fix for instance I might set the “next check-in” to tomorrow, check in, then the next day, check in, etc until it is finished.

It’s more about communication than calendars, if that makes sense.

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