Multiple Authentication Types Using AWS Amplify

Hey all!

This is my first post in this community. I’ve been learning about AWS Amplify and I’m starting to like it a lot! Nader’s course on Egghead and his continuous advocacy has been especially helpful :smiley:

I wanted to share my post about using multiple authentication types in AWS Amplify, which is something I ran into early on in my Amplify adventure. Hope you find it useful!

I would like to start writing more, so any feedback is very much welcomed!



Hey Robert :wave:,

Thanks for sharing your post - it’s great!

Nader is going to be speaking at the second remote conference talk in a few weeks (26th March). I’m not sure what the topic is going to be but I’ve no doubt it’ll be excellent. Another big AWS fan, Tomasz Lakomy, did the first one on testing - if you haven’t dove into Tomasz AWS material yet, let me highly recommend it!

Good luck with your continued writing and AWS journey.

Kevin :slight_smile:


Welcome to community!!!
We are happy to have you here :slight_smile:

And thanks for sharing that post! Iove !


Welcome to the community! I really liked reading your article :slight_smile:


Hey Kevin,

Thanks for the tip! Tomasz’s material has been on my list.