Mastering Notion To Organize Your Brain

I have been using notion for a month or so and it has completely changed how I take notes and organize all the content that I need available.

You can organize the information you collect however you want in Notion. Which is daunting at first but once you get the hang of the useful patterns, its a joy to use.

Marie Poulin (@mariepoulin on twitter) has a playlist of ways to master Notion and how she organizes her life inside of notion. I’ve been using her template and its been really useful!


Thanks Ian - I am always looking to see if I can optimise my workflow / life better.

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We just switched to Notion at egghead too. That parred with the PARA method and it’s quite powerful.

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I hadn’t seen Notion, and I’m just trying it now. I’m impressed – thanks for mentioning it…

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Wow, this PARA method is going to change how I organize my Notion.

Thanks you!!! :pray:t2:

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We’ve been using this approach internally at egghead. Once we are in a good place we will be documenting it and likely creating workshops and courses around it to share what we’ve learned and how we are applying it to our overall processes.

The short story is that it’s been revelatory for us, and the preliminary feeling after a few weeks of thinking this way is “wow this changes everything”

If you have the means and desire I strongly recommend Tiago Forte’s Building a Second Brain course. It is absolutely 100% worth the ticket price.

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That’s good to hear Joel, and a strong recommendation…

I’ve spent the last working day looking into PARA, Notion, and Tiago’s second brain course (the next cohort of which starts next week).

Tiago has done 3 interviews on productivity and apps on the Keep Productive YouTube channel, including a video on Notion that should be out tomorrow.

I also found a 20% off discount code for the cheaper tier of the Second Brain course here:

Does anybody who’s taken the course already have any thoughts on whether the Premium tier is worth the extra couple of hundred dollars (or $300, if you use that discount code)?

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I can pile on the positive reflections on BASB and Notion.

We’ve completely revamped our internal workflows and shared knowledge resources within egghead using it. All still in flux and developing, but feels so much better than being spread across Dropbox, Airtable, Zoom, [insert 10 other apps here]

I’ve been working through the BASB course and taking sketchnotes of all the content.
So much good stuff to unpack in there.
I’m publishing the whole set to within the next two weeks, but here’s notes on the first two sections.
Will hopefully give you all a good sense of the content:

I think biggest difference it’s made is that it flips your mental willingness to collect articles, videos, resources, research on the things you’re most curious to explore.
Or I’ve found I do it with a stronger sense of confidence that I’ll have somewhere very logical to put them, and a system in place to actually read the content, process it, and apply it in the future.


“worth it” is so relative hah. I look at Maggie’s notes and all I can say is “heck ya it is worth it!” because it is transforming how we work and think. That sort of paradigm shift or “click” moment is effectively priceless and potentially a 7+ figure ROI over the rest of our lives if that makes sense :slight_smile:


They’re beautifully drawn Maggie, and very interesting. Thanks!

Joel - I totally agree - techniques like this can have an untold impact and are very hard to put a price on. I was just wondering whether I’ll have my hands full implementing the stuff in the standard tier, or should go the whole hog on premium (with the more advanced bits). I’m tending towards the advanced option…

I got the full boat and will be participating in the live cohort!

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