Make your first Rails Resource

I’m currently learning Ruby on Rails and I wrote a blog post about one of the first things I’ve learned now that I have a better understanding of it.

Look forward to learning more and sharing more content since I don’t really find a lot of content for beginners on Rails.


Atta Boooiii!


@lucas wrote up his first blog post about learning some Ruby!

Thought I’d share :smiley:

edit: Ahh and he posted it, replacing link :man_facepalming:


lol thanks @global

Great scaffolding post! When I was first learning Rails in 2011, my colleague/mentor saw my scaffold code, deleted the folders and said, “If you can’t do this from memory and generally figuring it out, you don’t know it well enough.” You echo the root of this sentiment at the end of your post, but I think it says a lot about the framework’s/community’s aim of being friendly to newcomers. In sum, keep using it like training wheels until you don’t need it any more!


That’s exactly how I looked at Robert I was actually thinking of it as training wheels! For me to get my “balance” and then do it on my own.