Laurie Barth #eggheadChat recap 12/13/19

This is a recap of the Twitter #eggheadChat Q&A with @laurieontech from Dec. 13th, 2019.

Q1: #eggheadChat any tips for folks who want to better support our #womenintech without being white knighty or vitrue signaly

A1: Recognize us for our engineering contributions and value without ever pointing out our tokenized status. And speak up when you see people being jerks. That’s the main stuff. #eggheadChat

Q2: #eggheadChat given your experience with both Vue and React, what are some areas the React community could improve to make on-boarding easier?

A2: Pick a router!

I’m sorry, who said that?

But in actually I think there could be an opinionated React starter package. With all those deicisions made for you. It’s not right for everyone, but it lessens the friction for those looking to onboard. #eggheadChat

Even if it was just a list of recommended libraries to use for those new to React. It doesn’t remove the options and choice for others. But it doesn’t immediately put you in analysis paralysis when you’re starting to learn a framework. #eggheadChat

Q3: What are the factors you consider when choosing conferences to speak at or attend? #eggheadChat

A3: A lot of it is based on recommendation from friends! Realistically I accepted almost all of my speaking invites last year. This year I’m cutting back so location and scheduling is key. Plus feeling like it’s a community of tech area that fits my interests. #eggheadChat

To add onto this, for most of my speaking career I was a consultant and touched so many different areas. Every conference applied! Now I’m focused more on communities, JS and frontend. #eggheadChat

Q4: What was your first tech job and how did it help you progress your career?

A4: My first tech job was actually being a PM for tech projects. It helped me progressed because I hated it! I learned quickly that I wanted to do the work instead of manage the work. But having that management perspective when I started as a developer was invaluable. #eggheadChat

Q5: Best work snack?

A5: Oooh this is hard. Probably goldfish. That’s always the right answer. I want to say chocolate…but I try not to mindlessly eat that while working😅


Q5.1: Xtra cheddar?

A5.1: Nah, I’m a classics girl all the way #eggheadChat

Q6: What was your favorite place you traveled to this year? #eggheadChat

A6: Definitely Costa Rica! But I feel like that’s cheating because it wasn’t for anything work related🤷🏻‍♀️

Q7: What’s advice you wish you had been given (career or otherwise)?

A7: :thinking:for advice I’d say, you can turn down a job because of the commute. It has a big effect on me, even if it doesn’t others

Q8: What’s it like being a member of the TC30 Education Committee? #eggheadChat

A8: Hard!
It’s ironic because we’re meant to explain things that no one else has explained yet.

How do the teachers learn?:sweat_smile:#eggheadChat

Q9: I’ve loved all your blog posts this year. How do you stay motivated and come up with blog post ideas? #eggheadChat

A9: Thanks so much! Motivated is partially because it was part of my role for some of that time :sweat_smile:

Ideas come from everywhere. Either things I’m interested in or don’t understand and want to! #eggheadChat

Q10: #eggheadchat Do you still feel imposter syndrome? If so, how does it effect you?

What advice would you give to someone who is learning how to program who is feeling imposter syndrome?**

A10: Yes and no. I may get the initial feeling, but that’s quickly followed by the internal reassurance that if I don’t know something I can learn it. I’d say recognize that everyone knows less than you think they do. And I promise you’ve learned something others haven’t. #eggheadChat

I’d add that every time you teach yourself something, you’re putting a nail in imposter syndromes coffin. When you give yourself the tools to learn and adapt, there is nothing that you can’t figure out. #eggheadChat

Q10.1: That’s a great perspective! I haven’t really thought about it in terms of knowing how to learn and adapt! Thanks😊

A10.1: Learning how you learn best is the absolute key to growing along with the tech industry #eggheadChat

Q11: How did you get started consulting and what did your engagements typically look like? #eggheadChat

A11: I got hired by a consulting company🤷🏻‍♀️Not a super exciting answer.

And I actually worked for two. In one i was on an engineering team and just happened to have an external customer. In another I was working with a huge variety of clients and projects. #eggheadChat