Jocelyn Lecomte

Hi from the beautiful city of Lyon, in Franc !

  • I’m a fullstack developer (mainly JS / Java) and I love to learn.
  • I’m 47 now, which means I’m more and more the oldest person in the dev team. I find it sad because it probably means that a lot of people think that you cannot improve your craft throughout your whole career. I strongly disagree :slight_smile:
  • I am a freelance since 2011. Should have done it sooner…
  • I have to learn so much, and I have to find the balance between what I would like to learn personnally and what the recruiters are looking for that I don’t know yet.
  • My hobbies: the go game, learning to play piano, basketball for fun and fitness for not-so-much-fun
  • My dev-related priorities for 2020:
    • learn docker and kubernetes
    • learn a new language (which one ?)
    • work on my personal project (a react native app to play go)
    • resurrect my personal blog
    • find interesting open source projects to contribute to
    • omg this list is already too long !

Anyway, I’m glad to join this expert community and share thoughts with you !

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Hi, Jocelyn -

I know all about being the youngest on the Dev team. Being the oldest on the Dev team snuck up on me in the last two years…

I completely agree with you! I’m learning new stuff all the time and have no intention to stop anytime soon!

I have to keep up with concepts and configurations and testing frameworks in Java, JavaScript, and C# .net Core to do my day job these days. I’ve got a foot in the door with Ruby and React too. Pretty amusing since I got my start in typography and was asked to write SGML stylesheets back in the mid-90s. :slight_smile:

I’m another person who needs to resurrect my personal blog. I think I’m going to use GatsbyJS or another SSG. The last iteration was WordPress before the Gutenberg kerfuffle. WordPress was always overkill for my needs but it was a good learning experience.

Ah, the subject of the personal blog…
I think I have more fun changing the way it works than doing actual blogging :slight_smile:
I started with drupal, then I changed to metalsmith, and I’m wondering if I should adopt Gatsby now…


Gatsby has good to me so far, it was super simple to set up! You said you want to learn a new language, I’m currently learning Ruby, what are you leaning towards?

Hey Will,
I don’t really know for the moment, but it seems to me that I’ll have to choose between

  1. golang: it seems to me that is is often used by devops and to develop micro-services
  2. python. because startups working with IA use it more and more for their frontend and backend developments
  3. kotlin: it’s a nice and Java-friendly language working in the JVM, but I don’t really see a lot of job offers :frowning: