Is anyone using AWS AppSync?

Hello gang,

So, I’m estimating the level of effort for a small React Native project and I’m considering using the following AWS tools:

  • AppSync
  • Amplify
  • Cognito

Is anyone using a similar stack?
I’d like to hear the voice of the experience before making a final decision.

Thanks a lot!


I haven’t used it but I’ve gone through Nader’s quick course and it certainly seems viable.

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oh wow!
I missed that one.

Thanks @joel :metal:

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Do you blog anywhere? I am super interested in how you solve using react native with these tools.

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Hey @ian,

I’m the laziest blogger in the universe.
I think this is the opportunity to remedy that.

I’ll share as soon as I put together something.
Do you think Notion would be a good place to publish this type of content?

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I think Notion is great. I’m a proponent of “own your platform” and writing your public notes in your own domain space, but I’d also rather the notes existed at all so Notion is fantastic for sharing.

For me lately the idea that I’m writing notes and not some performative “blog” has transformed how I think about this stuff. I write notes to help my future self and share with others that might be interested. :thinking:


I haven’t thought about posting a blog post a “performative” before vs just being notes and I think that makes the difference. When I’m just writing really good notes for my future self, it’s so much easier to figure out what context I need to build.

I built my blog it gatsby and I think it’s a great choice. There are other good choices for blogging out there too. We have a couple courses on Gatsby if you want to get going real quick!

Their docs and community are amazing too :ok_hand::ok_hand:

The stack at my day job is AppSync + Cognito + React JS/Native except we use SAM instead of Amplify. How well it works depends on your use case. For single tenant apps (most internal apps) and apps where the user is the tenant it works really well. Multi-tenant apps are a lot more difficult and that’s why we’re using SAM instead of Amplify.


Thanks @rich

Out of curiosity the multitenancy issue arose because of how IAM defines accesses?

That’s part of the problem.

For example: The storage API is built directly on top of the AWS S3 SDK which requires IAM credentials. These typically come from Cognito Identity Pools and there’s no simple way to set a policy that’s specific for one user.

There are also issues with the way AppSync and the GraphQL Transformers work.

I think Amplify is really great fit for certain use cases. My prediction is that we’re eventually going to see a major re-design in the architecture. When that happens it’s potentially going to be like switching from Rails 2 -> 3 (A migrations so difficult that many stayed on 2 while others simply re-wrote for 3)