I'm chantastic 👋


I’m a new instructor here.
Build an App with React Suspense was my first course with egghead.

I’d love to help you become the best frontend developer you can be.
I don’t always reply quickly but I do my best to answer everyone.

A couple things about me:

  • I host React Podcast — a weekly conversation with your favorite developers
  • I’m a frontend architect at planning center
  • I got into programming because I was broke af
  • I’m not a “passionate” programmer. Programming has been a great way to find a good life with my family

These are places I post often:

Checkout my recent #eggheadChat with @will.johnson.

You’re great. I’m excited to meet you.

(chan, michael, whatever you’re comfortable with)


Im excited to see you here @chantastic.

Your news letter is one of my favorites. I love getting those emails from you :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Ian!
I’ve enjoyed getting to know you better thru our emails too :hugs: