I created a React library for building responsive timelines

Back in July, I created react-timeline, a library for creating responsive timelines that were easily theme-able and could use any type of content as events. I finally got around to documenting it, and shipped it yesterday:

The original goal was to make something that developers could use as a brag-sheet to show potential clients and employers. Basically, list all the cool stuff you’ve done (learned to program, gave a talk, built some OSS, etc.)

It was fun building this, and gave me the opportunity to sharpen my responsive design skills. I really like how the the events either alternate or are stacked in the same column based on the viewport width. It also taught me a few things about theming with Styled Components.

For future releases, I want to include more higher-level event types, like Github cards and Soundcloud embeds (the library already includes the building blocks that would allow this), and look into ways to improve its theming capabilities.

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