How will COVID change the App Industry in 2020?

Hey guys, just wanted to gather some of your thoughts on how this COVID will change the way the Apps Industry will change.

  1. #WFH is now a trending topic,

remote work has been around for decades on Freelancers or Software Devs,
but it’s now being impossed accross multiple industries, leading the list = Education.

Apps like Slack, Workplace, Meets, Skype even Monday for the remote newbies.
Google Classroom is now the geek friend everybody likes.

  1. Apple vs Google AppMarkets
    If you are a new startup, and this is your first launch on iOS, then, sorry timing couldn’t be worst for you.

Last week, an app review for Apple could vary from 24 to 48 hours in total.
Today, Apple has prioritized COVID Apps, and small startups are queued for +72 hours already.

While Google, has not stated a policy on COVID apps yet.
Their “report first, check later” policy offers app devs a faster way out for niche COVID apps (and updates).

  1. Next.js -like techs … will it finally become a starting point for Startups and Lean Development?

  2. Advertising is supposed to decline, but is it really?

  3. Community Apps will rise, Discord will become mainstream word for Crowd Management.

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I definitely think that civil has made it very clear that we need to have a strong internet/app presence in order to have your businesses survive. Online shopping is at an all time high and if you put off adding that feature to your mom and pop shop webpage then you are really hurting! Covid has brought out a lot of ingenious ideas and forced people to adapt through the use of technology. It has been an exciting time, minus the sickness part.