How Does a Seasoned Developer Get Better with CSS?

@joel tweeted that he wants to get better at CSS. This seems like something a lot of experienced devs struggle with. If you know any good resources for an “advanced beginner” to learn CSS leave them here.


If games are your type of thing, Flexbox Froggy is a fun way to learn flexbox, which is one of the best CSS tools I’ve learned to use!

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I really enjoyed this course on Udemy called Advanced CSS and Sass. Udemy is hit&miss with courses sometimes, but I can really recommend that one. :smiley:

You get to create three projects, some with nice animations and Jonas gives some good advice on project structure and file system. :+1:

Aside from that: I learned Flebox from Flexbox Zombies, and Grid from Wes Bos.

30 Second of code has a collection of nice CSS snippets that might come in handy.

I spend a lot of time on CSS-tricks (sometimes the comments section is particularly useful!)

Refactoring UI is really good too.

Lastly, I got into a habit of inspecting websites as I see them:
I use Font Ninja Chrome extension for fonts, and dev tools for all the rest :smiley:
(the shortcut: cdm + shift + c is your friend!). :+1:

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I collected close to 50 high quality CSS learning resource from this thread.

My plan is to categorize the resources, asses my personal level of knowledge and then design a curriculum for myself to increase my overall comfort with CSS

I’ll also apply this to our CSS curriculum on egghead!