How Do You Watch egghead Videos To Learn?

What are you’re techniques that you use to learn from egghead videos?

Watch the video straight though no code no notes just absorb the information
I take some notes from what I can remember
I watch the video again and code a long and fill in any note gaps
I try to recall the information later

egghead also put together a guide for watching egghead videos here:

Comment below and share your techniques!


I’ve always watched through a fair amount of a video, even if it’s extra in comparison to a specific thing I’m learning from the video.

IE say I wanna know how Nader did Auth with Amplify. Instead of just skipping straight to auth, I’ll watch (usually with a speed adjustment) up to exactly what I need. I do this so I don’t lose out on context.

I think with EH it’s even easier, because everything is already created in super quickly digestible chunks :slight_smile:

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I have recently been watching random videos while i’m on the treadmill

About Node or something I do not understand at all, but it’s nice to watch it and learn more from the instructor than the code itself.

Also, It’s a good way to make friends, when they see you are watching some strange stuff on your iPad

I like the videos with the little Professor Squirrel


I follow the suggestions in that howtoegghead article if I want to quickly gain the vocabulary for a new subject.

If I am taking in depth notes, I follow @taylor’s method show in this lesson:


Ill watch em through once and just try to absorb the information, not coding along. Then Ill go through it again and try to write some similar code, or maybe incorporate something from the video into a personal project.

Often times if need to learn just a bit about a certain web dev topic Egghead will have a video on just that thing, which is always the best.