“How do I design systems?”

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I’m looking for advice. My company (OLX Group) will be going through a significant rebranding of our core product. I will be one of the core members of the team responsible for making that happen (yay!) with a very limited (that is - none) experience in creating and maintaining a design system.

Given the amount of developers in the egghead community I suppose at least some of you either went through this process or are going through it now.

Any advice/article/talk will be appreciated :partying_face:

Have you read the Smashing Book? It’s on my todo pile but looks great. @vojta read it I think. How was it?


I definitely recommend the Smashing Book. :+1:
Atomic Design by Brad Frost is also awesome.


What CSS approach are you going with? We enjoy using theme-ui.com for our Gatsby site, it has a great portion of DS principles baked in.

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Disclaimer: I’m a developer :stuck_out_tongue:

I tend to go to Material Design for guidelines if something’s missing. If you’re building with React I can highly recommend Material UI for implementation, it’s really easy to style on top of it.

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Hi @tlakomy90! :wave: I work over on the Carbon Design System team for IBM and would love to help out with anything that I can :slightly_smiling_face:

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Those look really like some really resources thanks for sharing