How are you all doing?

Just wanted to check in and see how is everyone doing?
Are you working from home and safe?

I work part-time at a day care that is still open, soo I am out there everyday :sweat_smile:


I work remote for 1 and a half year now. Nothing much changed, but I have huge issues with groceries, people is running panic buying everything like it is a zombie apocalypse. I had to find different websites in my country from where I could find what I need, like potatoes, onions, beans, flour, sunflower oil. All the supermarkets are filled with people that empty all the shelves, so the groceries service of the supermarkets cannot get you anything, because everything is gone.

People are panicked, but they still go in crowded places, makes no sense to me.

I do hope the daycare would close soon, and you will get paid time off, because everyone should stay inside. I am from Iasi, Romania, by the way.


My firm has allowed us to start working from home and this is my second week working remotely. I usually only work from home one day a week so I feel very lucky that we have been able to do this until we get further updates.

@pachicodes - I wish you all the best with daycare.

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So nice of you for asking, @pachicodes

The company I work with allowed us doing 100% remote work.
My girlfriend had some very alarming symptoms but the doctor said fortunately she just got a regular cold.

Please stay safe, gang. <3

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I’m so fearful right now for all the workers that have lost their jobs.

Me and my family are doing ok, taking the “shelter in place” approach.


it really makes no sense how people are panicking yet leaving home like nothing is happening!

It is really scary. So many people can’t work and who knows when it will go away?
We are really blessed if we can work from home!

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I am glad you can work from home!
Hope your gf fells better soon :smiley:


That is nice yu can work from home! Hope you are adapting!

And thank you!

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