Hiya I'm Erin and I <3 JavaScript!

Hi y’all, I’m Erin Doyle. I’m from Florida living in Maine (brrr!) and I’ve been a full-stack web developer since ~2004. I started out doing ColdFusion and Flash, then Java with Spring, then hybrid mobile app development with first Backbone and then Angular. Now I’m working with React + Redux on the front-end and Python (Django and Flask) on the back-end. I love JavaScript and React!

I’m an egghead.io and workshop instructor and I’m passionate about helping others learn more about making their web applications more accessible and inclusive so that all of their users can have an equally great experience.

I also love my fur babies:


oh my gosh, those cats are precious. :heart_eyes:

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My face was almost melted off by the cuteness when I took that pic! :smile_cat: