Hiya, I'm Chris. I'm independent software developer, egghead instructor, and Gatsby core contributor

Hey, I’m Chris,

I started freelancing after teaching myself how to program during an art major in 2008/9ish (I went to college mostly to play Volleyball). My current stack for consulting projects is JS+Go while in the past my main “backend” language was Haskell.

Right now I’m learning FaunaDB, which has been pretty great so far so I’m going to build a larger project taking advantage of it soon. That larger project is going to be a special tool to help me productionize my blog posts, newsletters, etc more easily since I happen to be producing a lot these days and flat files in GitHub isn’t cutting it any more.

You can most easily find me on Twitter or reach me via email at chris@christopherbiscardi.com


@chris has some amazing lesson collections put together across a wide range of interesting topics:

His Twitch stream is also a firehose of great stuff and a lot of fun :nerd_face: